Sustainable IT Hardware Services – Fix or Upgrade your Digital Devices

Hardware ServicesNot all of us were blessed from birth to be tech gurus or IT warriors. Very few of us carry a cache of tiny screwdrivers on their waist clip, and even less know what somebody means when they talk about “Moore’s Law“. That’s why help is here. We would like to help you learn – or if you’re insistent, we will repair your devices or replace them with refurbished and used ones. Rather than purchase brand new ones straight from big-box retail stores and perpetuate the e-waste crisis, the global citizen thing to do is help save health of our world and all its citizens. On an individual level, this also saves you money.

Configure your new AIO Touchscreen!

All-In-One Touch PC’s are becoming more popular – we can configure or acquire one for you and find a new home for your desktop.

Even though the allure of newer, faster technology keeps people buying newer tech – according to Moore’s Observation devices will be faster and more memory-dense each year  – we will soon come to the end of that too – at which point, sustainable practices in IT use – like repair, refurbish, or reuse – will become more popular. When we decide to upgrade or repair a device, we balance the cost of newer, better components with their practicality in our day-to-day lives. The device suited for your needs depends upon the types of applications you will be running. We can build a brand new desktop, tower or touch screen AIO-PC for your needs and budget – or find one at the best price. As per usual, we will hunt up the most ecologically sound solution.

Building a new PC is an economical, personal, and educational way to meet your computer upgrade needs. Often computers built like this have far more “bang for the buck” than a box brand tower. You also have the advantage of sourcing locally – if you’re looking for the “manufacturer” of your unique machine, you need look no further than your own community. Clone PC’s, as these computers are called, are far more configurable and compatible with the software and hardware you want. We prefer, where possible, to make it a teaching-learning process and involve you in the configuration of your device – even though you might not ever be an expert, we believe that everybody that uses these things should have a basic understanding of what’s inside them.

Most people trying to get a new PC are now looking for a laptop or tablet. We can help you find a very nice device that fits your needs and for less than you are probably looking at in the stores. We can customize the software on your new machine so you are running the OS you want to (Windows XP/7 or Linux), and even find you refurbished or used machines that have a better “green” and social impact and save you money! Set up a consultation today.

This info-graphic represents desirable e-cycle behavior.

This info-graphic represents desirable e-cycle behavior.