Put the Internet in Space.

Space has two of the most vital requirements for the operation of Internet servers – energy and cold.  Given that space is so cold, almost to absolute zero, there would be little to no need for the massive atmospheric controls usually used for the giant server complexes that crawl across the surface of our planet, worsening the effects of climate change with energy usage from unsustainable sources.

Given that there is even better access to the ultimate power plant in our solar system, the Sun, in space, power would hardly be an issue at all, except for the investment in gear to harness it – namely, giant PV panels.

Given also that most of the communications on our Earth are currently facilitated by satellite anyway, we could move most of the operations for the overhead of our global Internet into space and take care of several problems at once – climate change and habitat loss, to name a couple.

Since commercialization of space for material resources hasn’t yet proved cost effective, thus hindering the race to colonize space for humanity, putting more of our communications technology up there could create more of a platform for Humanity to spring out to other locations with time. The Internet in space could be a breakaway concept to space colonization in general, and help solve some of the critical issues we need to face for our own survival in order to make that future possible.