One Person’s Trash is Another’s Art Supplies.

Over the weekend, we had the treat of going to a unique gathering in the activity room at the local Port Angeles library. Sarah Tucker has been working with marine debris and other forms of recyclables to create beautiful art pieces that have been recognized for making apparent the plight of sea creatures and other animals in places we ritually contaminate with our garbage. As 99% of the plastic we were trying to find recently is missing, possibly dissolved to micro-plastic, the current home of much of it may be the top predator in the ocean – at this point, humans. There is an emerging trend seeking to reclaim this apparent “garbage” as essential materials to artwork – and to proving a point about out excess.

We joined Sarah, as well as Megan and Clea from the WSU Clallam County Extension office, for some upcycling fun and creative magic!

This kind of activity puts people in touch both with the problem and the creative experience of doing something about it.


Caydance makes a house for “grasshoppers”.

Upcycling is the art of using recycling, garbage, debris or other found materials to create objects with functional or artistic value. It accomplishes two major things – demonstrating the level of trash contamination on the planet, and when Sarah fashions it into mimicries of the sea creatures themselves, makes people aware of what and who we are affecting with our waste-cavalier lifestyles.

Upcycling is basically what’s at play in the construction trend known commonly as “EarthShips“, and upcycling techniques have one of their most productive uses in food gardening. We are upcycling glass jars and spare wire and hardware in our organic solar power experiments. Can you say upcycling utilizes upward utilitarian understanding five times fast?

Sarah has been recognized in the area for her work on drama projects, the marine debris art trend as seen on the PA waterfront and at Crab Festival – please check out the upcoming “Upcycling and Trashion Show” in Forks – LIKE the page! We will keep you posted with more updates from events like these.