Natural Landscaping and Gardening Services

Beautify your outdoor spaces naturally, with services from experienced landscapers that will use your on-site resources to build up your soil and revitalize your land!

We have been helping revitalize and maintain spaces around the North Olympic Peninsula, WA, for years, and it’s time that YOU gave us a call for help this year.

We are charging $15 per person per hour for everything from weeding to planting, planning, watering, and maintenance. We are willing to work on lawns, but would prefer to help you turn your open green space into your own productive permaculture food farm!

Weeding and chipping/barking in beds to suppress unwanted foliage and bring out color between the lines.

Working toward varied foliage with clean lines. Added clover seed to this brown lawn; it will be much greener next year.

We encourage the use of our services to garden food for you.

Food and ornamental space right next to each other.