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Information technology and sustainability seem like they are in opposite camps, even perhaps at war with each other. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and one is related to the other. People involved in natural research, organic farming, movement building, all of it, are deeply immersed in IT as a valuable tool that’s critical to momentum and power in this world. Many naturalists and sustainability educators, people engaged in the green lifestyle, feel like advanced technology is hurting the planet and its people and it is even unnecessary – they are right too, ultimately, the planet and its people will go on just fine without it. But the point we need to consider, in my opinion, is that it exists, now, and the problems it creates must be dealt with handily because it’s not going away – once people, as any animal, get a taste of something they like, you cannot willingly force them to go back. This is why we need to use them (internet and devices) less for consumption and more for the creativity their creators envisioned them for – not as they’ve largely become, complicated on-demand newspapers and TV sets. At any rate, most people want to use their tech to do great things for the planet, but end up abusing the power and procrastinating. We are here to help you use that which you have purchased, in a sustainable way, and do the creative world-enhancing things you may have set out to do.

Computers are complicated and can be very intimidating. It depends on your background, and your generation, but not everybody starts out knowing about IT and that’s OK. Most people know a handful of things about them – but outside of that slim comfort zone, confidence drops and the fear sets in. Generally we fear what we don’t understand – so thankfully when our understanding increases, the fear diminishes, enabling us to explore and learn. The journey to knowledge (as with any journey) starts with the first step – the willingness to push aside fear of the unknown and learn something new.

Most people just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a helping hand to guide them along those first shaky steps in the path. We guarantee that after a couple hours training with one of us on a given subject, you’ll be Facebooking, emailing, photo-editing, playing, burning, writing, scheduling and (insert-any-computer-related-activity-here)-ing with newfound confidence.  We can point you toward all sorts of creative facets as well – blogging, business management, social entrepreneurship, environmental meme creation, even generating fractals and logging research. You will be at the helm so you will retain the knowledge personally and be able to repeat it. It’s also a psychological boost to be able to count on reliable, caring and knowledgeable individuals on call to support you if you do happen to “mess it up”.

No human being will ever be Obsolete!

We do not believe that anyone is “tech inept”. We know that you are fully capable of making the digital world work for you.

In 2011, learning to use the internet effectively is analogous to learning how to read in 1911 – and there is just as much stigma attached to the person that doesn’t know. It’s definitely not easy learning something new, and the first and hardest step is admitting that you don’t know something. The most important thing isn’t your existing knowledge, but your capacity for learning, which is usually higher than you know. Don’t be thwarted by this strange new contraption on your desktop or in your pocket! Don’t let fear get the best of you, use the new tools at our disposal to shout your message from the highest rooftop.

An Individual Approach to Learning.

Everybody is unique in their knowledge level, goals for learning, speed and even preferred method of learning. We can adapt readily to any learning style. A tech will work through the steps with you in person, taking the time to make sure that you understand them. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until we see you do it with your own two hands!

If You Teach a Person to Google…

Technology is one field in which things are constantly changing, and thus has been its impact on our lives. We will leave you with the skills to divine your own answers from the internet to keep you on your toes as technology evolves.

Pick us as your go-to center for learning the ins and outs of your technology!