Hire A Human

Hire a Human! In the day and age of corporate and mechanical availability of goods and services, we are developing ways to put the individual back to work for themselves and the global good. We are available for service, consultation, or direct product recommendation. Some FAQ’s –

  • We do not have a physical store front yet but probably will not engage in marked-up resale of items as a store – we link you up directly with the best items at the best prices regardless of profit to be gained from our interactions.
  • All monetary transactions relate to pure human labor. We gain income from product affiliation/recommendation but we have drawn a universal net of affiliations, even those who compete, because we want you to have the best, most sustainable products from the best, most sustainable companies – for the best deal – regardless of our profit.
  • We feel this profit-last model is necessary because otherwise you wouldn’t get the optimum use of your technology or service – which would benefit neither you, us, or the collective.
  • If you think we’re worth more than we’re charging, donate to our nonprofit and help keep us going.


  • Information Technology (Computers, phones, internet..) $40/hr
  • Home and Garden (Cleaning, cooking, gardening..) $15/hr
  • Cooking, Nutrition and Health (In-Home Consultation in Self-Care) $20/hr
  • Building and Craftsmanship (Construction, Renovation, Painting) $20/hr
  • More to Come!

All this is made possible through our hire-a-human program wherein you contact us, and we will make sure the message gets to the best human that can help you at a fair exchange rate for all parties. The goal is to employ all humans in their individual life’s goal which helps in some way the good of us all. We are not an employer or an employment agency. We are a consultation network. This global service is paid for by the non-profit and provided as a service to enable on-the-ground change to the betterment of all. Holistic change is necessary for any change to be real or lasting.

Contact us at (360)809-0072, enterprise@earthstarfoundation.net or use the form below:

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