Explore All Your Options for Connection – Internet Services and Beyond

Internet connectivity and nature don’t often go together. That is to say, usually where you find nature you do not find Internet – and vice versa. This is rapidly changing, though, and we are pleased to announce our help in connecting you with a variety of networking services to keep you connected while you are gardening, walking, building your cob house or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. Do you like having your raw gluten-free vegan hemp seed and fig cake, and eating it too?

Ever wanted to synchronize or share files such as pictures and video, printers, bookmarks and settings across all the computers in your home or office? Do you dream of being connected to fast internet when you’re in the car, at the office, on your deck or podcasting your bike commute to work? We can connect you to Cable, DSL, Cellular and Satellite services that will keep you up to speed wherever or however you are. We will help you sync your memories and make sure that every facet of your digital life is as connected as you wish – and for less than those companies usually charge to send out a tech. We don’t install the invasive, bulky and redundant software that the service companies provide which reduce your computer’s processing speed, and we make sure your network and your computers are secure and clean. We can help you take advantage of the file, media and printer sharing features that your network has to offer. With our services, you can be guaranteed that every part of your system is set up securely and correctly, and that you’re making the fullest use of the network you pay for. As usual, every thought is given to ecological sustainability, from start to finish.

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