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I have finally decided to move my acclaimed IT business, Geeks Cheaper, into EarthStar Enterprises, the practical off-shoot of EarthStar Foundation, and bring it under the focus of Sustainability where it should be. This official shift has been long in deliberation, even though the whole focus of my IT consultation and repair for years was already around ecological, social and economic justice. I waited to do so because I was afraid of sacrificing parts of my limited business income from people who didn’t care about sustainability or perhaps were even put off by it – and the natural need to protect security for myself and my family kept me from making the shift outright.

Now I realize that all that energy and time should go into EarthStar for a few reasons, most importantly this – a totally sustainable model is the only model I can personally support or be involved in now. Also as it turns out, sustainable brands are one of the only sectors that shows growth in the current market. Thankfully, this is a win-win for me, the Earth, and my family, and my loyal customers. Welcome to EarthStar Enterprises, your go-to service center for all kinds of practical sustainable applications – including IT repair! Contact me  for service anywhere in the world, but first check out some of the reviews I’ve gathered over the last 5-10 years:

“Brendan made 2 of my computers run faster and better than new. He was prompt at pickup & delivering them back, at the price he promised. I highly recommend him.”

“I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone looking to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the run around and high prices of computer shops in the area. Was able to start working to fix my computer the day it broke and had it back to me in a timely fashion. Will do business with him again for sure!”

“Brendan is da MAN… need ur ‘puter problems solved asap and I mean solved till their SOLVED??? Then call him. Great suggestions, excellent service with a smile, friendly, helpful, groovy. What more could a girl want from her Tech-Savant?? Nuthin I tell ya… For reals.”

“Brendan was incredibly helpful and honest! He fixed my laptop in about a day and took the time to show me what he did, why he did it and how to work it all. I highly recommend him :)”

“Contacted Brendan yesterday – he was here today. My kids are happy, I’m happy. I have no qualms in saying this guy knows what he’s doing and can help you. I’m sure we’ll be doing business again. Thanks!”

“Brendan restored my sick computer and took the time to teach me the new system. We will refer you to all our family and friends. Thank you for the job well done.”

“I cannot fully express how pleased I am to find Brendan… I had a whole list of problems and questions with which I needed help… he took care of everything, plus a lot more… he has my highest recommendation…”

“Great experience! He was thorough and quick! 2.5 hours to repair my totally jacked computer and cleaned up all the extra junk! He was willing to explain to me everything he was doing(even though I was mostly clueless the entire time) and didn’t act like a boasting know-it-all. Very down to earth and nice. And lets not forget how INEXPENSIVE he is! $30/hr and he came to my house! Cant beat that! Will definitely use him again for all of my computer/techy issues!

Brendan is honest, and persistent in the attacking of computer issues. He goes the extra mile to make sure your computer stays running, and is not afraid to perform exorcisms on a machine that defies the laws of electronics and nature! Geeks Cheaper is better priced than contemporary repair shops, and always embodies the “Fix Before Replace” attitude. Thank You to Brendan For being The Better Choice in computer repair!!!

If your computer is possessed and are in need of a knowledgeable computer tech then you should definitely call Brendan. Not only does he know is work, he is reasonable in his pricing. Please give him a try – I know you will be delighted with his service.

Brendan knows his stuff!!! My laptop was monumentally infected – 90 minutes later it runs as new. I will certainly recommend him to my friends – and use him again when the need arises.

High-Tech Tutoring and Mentoring, with a Sustainable Spin.


Teaching Services

Information technology and sustainability seem like they are in opposite camps, even perhaps at war with each other. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and one is related to the other. People involved in natural research, organic farming, movement building, all of it, are deeply immersed in IT as a valuable tool that’s critical to momentum and power in this world. Many naturalists and sustainability educators, people engaged in the green lifestyle, feel like advanced technology is hurting the planet and its people and it is even unnecessary – they are right too, ultimately, the planet and its people will go on just fine without it. But the point we need to consider, in my opinion, is that it exists, now, and the problems it creates must be dealt with handily because it’s not going away – once people, as any animal, get a taste of something they like, you cannot willingly force them to go back. This is why we need to use them (internet and devices) less for consumption and more for the creativity their creators envisioned them for – not as they’ve largely become, complicated on-demand newspapers and TV sets. At any rate, most people want to use their tech to do great things for the planet, but end up abusing the power and procrastinating. We are here to help you use that which you have purchased, in a sustainable way, and do the creative world-enhancing things you may have set out to do.

Computers are complicated and can be very intimidating. It depends on your background, and your generation, but not everybody starts out knowing about IT and that’s OK. Most people know a handful of things about them – but outside of that slim comfort zone, confidence drops and the fear sets in. Generally we fear what we don’t understand – so thankfully when our understanding increases, the fear diminishes, enabling us to explore and learn. The journey to knowledge (as with any journey) starts with the first step – the willingness to push aside fear of the unknown and learn something new.

Most people just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a helping hand to guide them along those first shaky steps in the path. We guarantee that after a couple hours training with one of us on a given subject, you’ll be Facebooking, emailing, photo-editing, playing, burning, writing, scheduling and (insert-any-computer-related-activity-here)-ing with newfound confidence.  We can point you toward all sorts of creative facets as well – blogging, business management, social entrepreneurship, environmental meme creation, even generating fractals and logging research. You will be at the helm so you will retain the knowledge personally and be able to repeat it. It’s also a psychological boost to be able to count on reliable, caring and knowledgeable individuals on call to support you if you do happen to “mess it up”.

No human being will ever be Obsolete!

We do not believe that anyone is “tech inept”. We know that you are fully capable of making the digital world work for you.

In 2011, learning to use the internet effectively is analogous to learning how to read in 1911 – and there is just as much stigma attached to the person that doesn’t know. It’s definitely not easy learning something new, and the first and hardest step is admitting that you don’t know something. The most important thing isn’t your existing knowledge, but your capacity for learning, which is usually higher than you know. Don’t be thwarted by this strange new contraption on your desktop or in your pocket! Don’t let fear get the best of you, use the new tools at our disposal to shout your message from the highest rooftop.

An Individual Approach to Learning.

Everybody is unique in their knowledge level, goals for learning, speed and even preferred method of learning. We can adapt readily to any learning style. A tech will work through the steps with you in person, taking the time to make sure that you understand them. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until we see you do it with your own two hands!

If You Teach a Person to Google…

Technology is one field in which things are constantly changing, and thus has been its impact on our lives. We will leave you with the skills to divine your own answers from the internet to keep you on your toes as technology evolves.

Pick us as your go-to center for learning the ins and outs of your technology!

Explore All Your Options for Connection – Internet Services and Beyond


Internet connectivity and nature don’t often go together. That is to say, usually where you find nature you do not find Internet – and vice versa. This is rapidly changing, though, and we are pleased to announce our help in connecting you with a variety of networking services to keep you connected while you are gardening, walking, building your cob house or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. Do you like having your raw gluten-free vegan hemp seed and fig cake, and eating it too?  Ever wanted to synchronize or share files such as pictures and video, printers, bookmarks and settings across all the computers in your home or office? Do you dream of being connected to fast internet when you’re in the car, at the office, on your deck or podcasting your bike commute to work? We can connect you to Cable, DSL, Cellular and Satellite services that will keep you up to speed wherever or however you are. We will help you sync your memories and make sure that every facet of your digital life is as connected as you wish – and for less than those companies usually charge to send out a tech. We don’t install the invasive, bulky and redundant software that the service companies provide which reduce your computer’s processing speed, and we make sure your network and your computers are secure and clean. We can help you take advantage of the file, media and printer sharing features that your network has to offer. With our services, you can be guaranteed that every part of your system is set up securely and correctly, and that you’re making the fullest use of the network you pay for. As usual, every thought is given to ecological sustainability, from start to finish.

Contact us to consult with an expert for reliable network and internet services and support today!

Sustainable IT Hardware Services – Fix or Upgrade your Digital Devices


Hardware ServicesMany people know the IT experience to be a frustrating crap-shoot. Some know it to be a dream come true. Either way, more often than not it’s expensive and endless, and very wasteful and costly to the planet in terms of resource use, waste, and energy. The devices themselves, often enough, are to blame –  more often than not, “problems” are created by the software, but when parts of devices literally break or wear down, the retailers are usually short of options to repair them but long on options to replace them. In partnership with our sister organization, Geeks Cheaper, we would like to help you repair your devices, or replace them with refurbished and used ones, rather than purchase brand new ones straight from big-box retail stores and perpetuate the e-waste crisis. On a global level this saves the health of our world and all its citizens (including, but not limited to, you), and on an individual level saves you money and time.

Configure your new AIO Touchscreen!

All-In-One Touch PC’s are becoming more popular – we can configure or acquire one for you and find a new home for your desktop.

Even though the allure of newer, faster technology keeps people buying newer tech – according to Moore’s Observation devices will be faster and more memory-dense each year  – we will soon come to the end of that too – at which point, sustainable practices in IT use – like repair, refurbish, or reuse – will become more popular. When we decide to upgrade or repair a device, we balance the cost of newer, better components with their practicality in our day-to-day lives. The device suited for your needs depends upon the types of applications you will be running. We can build a brand new desktop, tower or touch screen AIO-PC for your needs and budget – or find one at the best price. As per usual, we will hunt up the most ecologically sound solution.

Building a new PC is an economical, personal, and educational way to meet your computer upgrade needs. Often computers built like this have far more “bang for the buck” than a box brand tower. You also have the advantage of sourcing locally – if you’re looking for the “manufacturer” of your unique machine, you need look no further than your own community. Clone PC’s, as these computers are called, are far more configurable and compatible with the software and hardware you want. We prefer, where possible, to make it a teaching-learning process and involve you in the configuration of your device – even though you might not ever be an expert, we believe that everybody that uses these things should have a basic understanding of what’s inside them.

Most people trying to get a new PC are now looking for a laptop or tablet. We can help you find a very nice device that fits your needs and for less than you are probably looking at in the stores. We can customize the software on your new machine so you are running the OS you want to (Windows XP/7 or Linux), and even find you refurbished or used machines that have a better “green” and social impact and save you money! Set up a consultation today.

This info-graphic represents desirable e-cycle behavior.

This info-graphic represents desirable e-cycle behavior.

Secure your Software and Save your Devices with Help from a Pro


If you have used computers or mobile internet devices for a little while you’re probably familiar with this story. You just picked up a new device about 6 months ago, now little by little your computer or tiny pocket computer (aka phone or smartphone) is running slower than you know it should be. Either it won’t boot anything at all, or it’s flashing a mysterious and frightening blue screen and then restarting. It might be giving you strange messages about your system security from software that you’ve never seen before and you know you never installed. Even when it was brand new out of the box, it was jam-packed with a million extra icons for features you didn’t understand and would probably never end up using – but you didn’t know exactly how to remove them.  Even for the most die-hard computer taskmaster, these are situations that would cause many of us to throw our hands up in the air and just buy a new one – but rest assured that this is as unnecessary as it is wasteful and damaging to the ecosystem.

You may need professional help with this – and we are a group poised to assist. We have been helping people with their IT professionally for over a decade and are ready to help you directly or connect you with someone who can, in order to save you time and money – and to save the world one more device from e-waste landfill.

Brendan founded Geeks Cheaper to bring helpful reliable IT to the masses for less, and has been operating with rave reviews for ten years. We are working on moving the momentum of Geeks Cheaper into EarthStar and make them one synchronistic whole which can give you the computers you crave sustainably, with the power, food and water services that will healthfully enable you to use those devices in comfort, for the good of all, and heal the planet too. He will be able to help you in person or digitally – or point you in the right direction. Please contact us today to set up services or consultation!

If you’re savvy, try these tips before calling:

  • Check out your system’s startup tasks. Every platform has a way of doing this. In Windows, you can click the start button, then “Run”, and type in MSConfig to reach the “System Configuration Utility”. On Android phones and tablets, you can go into “Settings” and then “Apps” to disable apps that you do not want from starting when the device does. You can also uninstall many things that are not being used. Be careful!  These panels are very sensitive, and you will change the configuration of your PC or device, for better or for worse. You should only remove or disable non-critical apps, nothing related to your OS itself – and leave your anti-virus running. Which brings us to the next point…
  • Use special software to clean up your PC for you. Many hijackers and spyware can be removed from your PC with a program called Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, which can be free but also has a decent and lower-priced pro version to help keep you clean. This is a very handy program that will get deeper than most traditional antiviruses that do not deal with browser hijackers and other issues.
  • Make sure you have a decent antivirus running on all your devices. This now includes smartphones! It’s now very easy to get a free antivirus that will keep you well-protected from even the most recent threats. On Android smartphones and tablets we recommend AVG – on Windows PC we recommend the cloud-based Immunet Protect.
  • Periodically back up and restore your Operating System. This is the gold standard number one option for clearing up a system and making it “like new” again. With cloud apps backing up all our settings and data real-time, it’s hard to lose data anymore but you can still make an attempt to make sure that everything is off of your PC or device anyway. If you have a smartphone, back up your pictures and files to your SD card using a File Manager. If you have a PC, you can use an external hard drive, thumb drive, optical disc or a partition on the system drive dedicated to your files to back up. Ask Google – look up the specific guide on the best way to back up and restore your device to factory settings and software. When you do get it back online, try to be more careful about the applications you allow to be installed in the browsers or device itself – and enjoy more stable operation in the long run. And don’t forget that antivirus!

Again, if any of this sounds just a little bit over your head, please call a tech or let us find one for you – before you just go out and get another device. Most of the time, money can’t fix problems that ingenuity and creative problem solving could solve easily – and much of the time, it makes things worse. Computers are an excellent demonstration of this element of sustainability – there is effectively no replacement for either learning more about what you’re doing, or get ahold of someone who does. That said, please use the contact form below to consult with us if you need any device-related help and we will either help you directly or find someone near you that can!