Can We Wake Up From this Crazy Dream, or is It Too Late? The Coincidence of 400ppm and Dakota Pipeline Arrests.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s kind of a big thing happening in the Dakotas right now. Also, we’ve hit a critical tipping point in our planet’s chemistry that may or may not be reversible.

These are two major pieces of news that should be totally alarming to anyone paying attention. Good thing people already paying attention are already alarmed. We’re not trying to be alarmist, but if you’re not alarmed, be. We should honestly start a puppet show, rap video, or comedy skit about it to be taken seriously though, because alarmists are known to be a “bummer”. Oh well, there’s still this bit to attend to.

For years, there has been a magic number, a threshold of carbon particles in the air hovering around 400 parts per million… something about this “sets the level” for the climate, whereby past this point it may be extremely difficult, if not (some say) impossible, to reverse the trend and get back to 350 parts-per-million or below. Here is one post from the day that has seemed pretty doom and gloom to already-eco-minded types.

So what does this mean, for the planet, for the human race, for the individual?

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Earth Day is every day – a Recap of the Last Year and Intentions for the Next

For those of us who think about the Earth all the time, Earth Day can be kind of like New Years. It used to be, when I was living mostly on a 27″ screen attached to a 500W power hog, doing web design in a cushy apartment, Earth Day was a sore reminder that I hadn’t done enough the year before. I could never really feel like anything I did that day was enough to make up for it. Little by little, those experiences added up to the pressing feeling that I needed to do something to change my lifestyle, and it worked. Either way, this day is about celebrating the Earth and how much we love it – not about feeling bad that we’re not doing enough. So I chose this moment to recap and write a little about everything we’ve done since last April, and what we hope to get done before the next Earth Day rolls around.  maybe you maybe you can find some ideas in here that you can employ over the next year. If you have any ideas, weigh in on our Facebook page.

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Our Road to Global Sustainability: Where we are Going with this…

As a mother labors to give birth to the future in human form, we are laboring to process the massive vision that is EarthStar, little by little, into reality. Right now we are in a networking and organizational development phase – we are reaching out and making connections with intentional communities and sustainability workers all over – we are laying the groundwork for an open source foundation that can move on its own momentum into the future. Movement-building is a key factor to remember when taking on an audacious goal, and we must work now to see what’s already out there, connecting ideas and people in a community.

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What is EarthStar?

Welcome to EarthStar.

We are creating a high-tech sustainable future today. We provide real goods, services, information and inspiration to individuals, families , organizations, governments and businesses – empowering people to make green choices to meet their everyday needs.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a way of thinking and living that examines everything we do for its impact on humanity and the planet in the long run. By reducing resource use you can also stop loss of income and keep more in the home, enabling you to make even more choices that can make a positive difference! If you ever have thought that anything should be left better than it was, or if our children deserve a chance at a healthy future, then you’re already thinking sustainably. Sustainability applies to every facet of our lives and comes into play every time you make a decision. Technology now enables you to make sustainable choices for almost everything you do throughout the day; it’s our goal to help you use the tech available to make those choices.

What is Earthstar?

EarthStar is a service provider, online retailer, information resource, community, and non-profit foundation for Environmental Research and direct action. Our goal is to put sustainable products, services, and ideas into the hands of everyday people so they can do something to reverse the negative impacts our global civilization on the planet.

A concept drawing for one version of the EarthStar Foundation.What do we hope to accomplish?

We want to make a real impact on our civilization’s bottom line, as well as create or enhance a culture of sustainability that instills hearts, minds and souls with love for the Earth and the desire to see it through to the next chapter of our planet’s history. It’s our core mission to nurture this and the next generation with the skills and intuition and respect for nature which will be necessary in order to make the change real. The “change” we are talking about here is mental and spiritual just as well as physical. Many are frustrated in the current cultural paradigm, feeling the constant pinch of the financially-motivated material culture that surrounds most of us. We hope to increase awareness of the old culture, as well as nuts-and-bolts practical application of the “new culture” we’re hoping to help create. Even in circles advancing the cause of sustainability, there is sometimes a feeling of dread when thinking about the future, of hopelesssness in the face of a daunting if not impossible-seeming challenge. When we look at the culture through the eyes of the mass media it would appear as if the world has turned a blind eye to the suffering of the planet – but appearances can be deceiving.

We are not alone.

There is a rapidly-advancing movement of self-empowered humans working actively toward a different future than the one seen through the television and movies. What is not accounted for is something subdermal, a feeling or an energy seething beneath the surface, within every heart and mind. This thing is the most dangerous thing to any given power structure throughout history that’s fought freedom of information: an idea. That idea: This global material culture is, at its heart, not sustainable. It cannot last and it must evolve or be replaced entirely. This isn’t an ultimatum being given to a disobedient child, it’s a scientific fact. A culture based on endless material acquisition cannot, logically, advance its cause forever on a planet with finite material resources. Thankfully, this seeming obstacle to human progress is also the greatest design challenge ever placed before a civilization, one that calls us to great deeds in the very name of preserving the future for coming generations. There is no greater cause, and no more exciting opportunity. I am pleased to say this project and this website is not the first or only of its kind and in fact there are millions of similar organizations around the world moving piece by piece toward global change. Bear in mind that the “culture” is made out of people, individuals, and that people working toward the same goal together are capable of truly amazing things. I sincerely hope you’ll join us!