We Need Environmentally Friendly, Socially Responsible Accounting Software

Sustainable and environment-related causes have gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Some see this as a fad or a craze, as if it were some “health swing” that happens every decade. The real reason this is becoming more popular is that the environment (which we as a species still occupy) is in need of relief, shall we say, from the pressures humankind is putting on it. Nonetheless, our civilization, which has carried on in its mad drive for material profit at an accelerated growth since the Industrial “Revolution”, seems to be at odds with the very place we call home, and, ironically, represents the reserve of natural resources with which Industry must make business happen. Not all businesses or people think this way, and it’s not necessary to link making a buck with this rapacious speed with which we’re eating up reserves and polluting what’s left. There’s a lot of talk about the Triple Bottom Line which amounts to People, Planet, and Profit. I’d like to point out the need to switch thinking, even though it’s nice alliteration, to think of it more as People – Planet – Financial with Profit (actual) being the meeting of these three concepts. In my opinion, actual profit is not achieved until your business creates gains in all three.

If we are going to re-define profit altogether, we need new profit modeling software that allows businesses, individuals and organizations to track, record, and publish their efforts results in real time.

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Ecosia.org, a Non-Profit Search Engine Turning High-Tech Into Reforestation.

This is probably one of the best ideas for reforestation that you haven’t heard of yet. Have you? Well, if you have, good – because it’s brilliant! This is a group of web programmers turned environmentalist that have set up a search engine that plants a tree every time you make a search! It’s based on a google API so it has all the power you’re used to, but less ads – and the ads you experience also go to fund reforestation! Check out Ecosia.org now to use it as-is or install safe add-ons and search plugins for your browser. We encourage this as well as any and all efforts to use the time we spend on computers and internet devices to do good for the environment!

The Wet, Cold Season is Here – Time to Fix Up Your Computers for Dream-Building.

It’s that time of year in the Pacific Northwest – the end of September, and the first chilly nights are here.  Dew is forming more readily in the mornings, some days are just gray and cold again, and we are thinking about how we are going to last the winter and keep from going stir-crazy. For the self-actuated social entrepreneur, and many others, this is the time to mind the keep, keep the hearth, and hit the internet with your stories of last year and plans for the next. Whatever your circumstances, whatever your reasons, it’s good to make sure that during this time your connection to the web is intact.

As always, we are in the business of discouraging waste and encouraging functionality – and computers are no exception. Now is a good time to make sure that your computer’s software is fully functional and free of bugs such as malware, adware or OS/drive errors. Most problems on all devices are easily solved by eliminating bulk software or turning off excess features and programs which are no longer in use. If your PC is getting up there in age (we actually set the bar at 8 years, otherwise it’s pretty easy to keep a Windows 7 PC humming along nicely on Dual-Core with 4GB of RAM) you could look into upgrading the hardware or special-ordering a refurbished machine through us. We have a connection to a Microsoft-certified wholesaler in Canada that can ship out a good used or refurbished laptop for less than $200. We can help you set up appropriate open-source security software, such as non-profit and cloud antivirus and Firefox with Ad-blocking, to make sure that your platform stays solid as you use it. If you’re intrepid, we’ll give you the resources to do it yourself.

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The End of Moore’s Law is the Beginning of New Strangeness, and Possibly Sustainable IT

Moore's "law" has been steadily improving silicon computing, until just now.

Moore’s “law” has been steadily improving silicon computing, until just now.

There is an observation which was mis-named a law, which has been guiding the hand of the IT-powered economy since it came up in the 1960’s. Moore’s law (more accurately called Moore’s Observation) describes the seemingly-endless acceleration of computer technology since they first used the semiconductor silicon to replace vacuum tubes. Currently, this prediction is undergoing renovation.

Decades ago, a scientist at Intel observed that the complexity of silicon wafers, used to make computer chips, doubled about every 18 months. This has led the entire industry to rally behind a prediction that has become a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. Think about it. If you didn’t notice, computers and other information technology devices seem to have been getting faster and faster, the power they deliver and the number of features they possess as a result seem to increase as a function of time, relative to how much money it costs to buy them. The physics behind what made this acceleration possible escapes understanding for most, but it’s essential to understanding the next few years of global economic shifting as the silicon trend slows to a standstill, and IT manufacturers find new ways to advance.

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Testimonials for Our IT Services

The retired logo from Geeks Cheaper.

I have finally decided to move my acclaimed IT business, Geeks Cheaper, into EarthStar Enterprises, the practical off-shoot of EarthStar Foundation, and bring it under the focus of Sustainability where it should be. This official shift has been long in deliberation, even though the whole focus of my IT consultation and repair for years was already around ecological, social and economic justice. I waited to do so because I was afraid of sacrificing parts of my limited business income from people who didn’t care about sustainability or perhaps were even put off by it – and the natural need to protect security for myself and my family kept me from making the shift outright.

Now I realize that all that energy and time should go into EarthStar for a few reasons, most importantly this – a totally sustainable model is the only model I can personally support or be involved in now. Also as it turns out, sustainable brands are one of the only sectors that shows growth in the current market. Thankfully, this is a win-win for me, the Earth, and my family, and my loyal customers. Welcome to EarthStar Enterprises, your go-to service center for all kinds of practical sustainable applications – including IT repair! Contact me  for service anywhere in the world, but first check out some of the reviews I’ve gathered over the last 5-10 years:

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High-Tech Tutoring and Mentoring, with a Sustainable Spin.

Teaching Services

Information technology and sustainability seem like they are in opposite camps, even perhaps at war with each other. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and one is related to the other. People involved in natural research, organic farming, movement building, all of it, are deeply immersed in IT as a valuable tool that’s critical to momentum and power in this world. Many naturalists and sustainability educators, people engaged in the green lifestyle, feel like advanced technology is hurting the planet and its people and it is even unnecessary – they are right too, ultimately, the planet and its people will go on just fine without it. But the point we need to consider, in my opinion, is that it exists, now, and the problems it creates must be dealt with handily because it’s not going away – once people, as any animal, get a taste of something they like, you cannot willingly force them to go back. This is why we need to use them (internet and devices) less for consumption and more for the creativity their creators envisioned them for – not as they’ve largely become, complicated on-demand newspapers and TV sets. At any rate, most people want to use their tech to do great things for the planet, but end up abusing the power and procrastinating. We are here to help you use that which you have purchased, in a sustainable way, and do the creative world-enhancing things you may have set out to do.

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Explore All Your Options for Connection – Internet Services and Beyond

Internet connectivity and nature don’t often go together. That is to say, usually where you find nature you do not find Internet – and vice versa. This is rapidly changing, though, and we are pleased to announce our help in connecting you with a variety of networking services to keep you connected while you are gardening, walking, building your cob house or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. Do you like having your raw gluten-free vegan hemp seed and fig cake, and eating it too?

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Sustainable IT Hardware Services – Fix or Upgrade your Digital Devices

Hardware ServicesNot all of us were blessed from birth to be tech gurus or IT warriors. Very few of us carry a cache of tiny screwdrivers on their waist clip, and even less know what somebody means when they talk about “Moore’s Law“. That’s why help is here. We would like to help you learn – or if you’re insistent, we will repair your devices or replace them with refurbished and used ones. Rather than purchase brand new ones straight from big-box retail stores and perpetuate the e-waste crisis, the global citizen thing to do is help save health of our world and all its citizens. On an individual level, this also saves you money.

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Put the Internet in Space.

Space has two of the most vital requirements for the operation of Internet servers – energy and cold.  Given that space is so cold, almost to absolute zero, there would be little to no need for the massive atmospheric controls usually used for the giant server complexes that crawl across the surface of our planet, worsening the effects of climate change with energy usage from unsustainable sources.

Given that there is even better access to the ultimate power plant in our solar system, the Sun, in space, power would hardly be an issue at all, except for the investment in gear to harness it – namely, giant PV panels.

Given also that most of the communications on our Earth are currently facilitated by satellite anyway, we could move most of the operations for the overhead of our global Internet into space and take care of several problems at once – climate change and habitat loss, to name a couple.

Since commercialization of space for material resources hasn’t yet proved cost effective, thus hindering the race to colonize space for humanity, putting more of our communications technology up there could create more of a platform for Humanity to spring out to other locations with time. The Internet in space could be a breakaway concept to space colonization in general, and help solve some of the critical issues we need to face for our own survival in order to make that future possible.

Secure your Software and Save your Devices with Help from a Pro

If you have used computers or mobile internet devices for a little while you’re probably familiar with this story. You just picked up a new device about 6 months ago, now little by little your computer or tiny pocket computer (aka phone or smartphone) is running slower than you know it should be. Either it won’t boot anything at all, or it’s flashing a mysterious and frightening blue screen and then restarting. It might be giving you strange messages about your system security from software that you’ve never seen before and you know you never installed. Even when it was brand new out of the box, it was jam-packed with a million extra icons for features you didn’t understand and would probably never end up using – but you didn’t know exactly how to remove them.  Even for the most die-hard computer taskmaster, these are situations that would cause many of us to throw our hands up in the air and just buy a new one – but rest assured that this is as unnecessary as it is wasteful and damaging to the ecosystem.

You may need professional help with this – and we are a group poised to assist. We have been helping people with their IT professionally for over a decade and are ready to help you directly or connect you with someone who can, in order to save you time and money – and to save the world one more device from e-waste landfill. Read more

How do we make information technology sustainable?

Communications and information technology are widely considered essential to modern society; however, the materials we use in these devices are usually highly-toxic when they come out of the Earth and when they are returned to landfill. E-cycling laws make it illegal to dump electronics in landfills in the US, but even so people everywhere are either unaware or openly flout these important rules to protect our groundwater. Even so, e-waste is the largest growing waste problem in the work, up there with plastic packaging but potentially much more immediately hazardous to human and other forms of life. How do we control the impact of our creation? How do we avoid being consumed ourselves by the waste of an out-of-control industry?

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