Allegory of the Cage – A Way of Viewing and Deciding Upon the World We Live In

Many of us would accept it as an axiom that we are all interconnected. Now for some reason this isn’t readily apparent to just everyone yet, possibly because it isn’t always obvious. It takes some viewing through a layer or two of perspective, but ultimately we are connected infinitely in innumerable ways. From the second we emerge into the world, we are utterly dependent upon other humans, our forebears and others, for survival. Without that help, and the help of others throughout life, we would literally die. Throughout life it’s not so clear-cut as it is for an infant, but without the interaction with others we would be lost. The “lone wolf” idea, where it comes to humans, is not applicable – for that matter, neither is it for wolves. We sometimes get overwhelmed with toxic human relationships that no longer serve our growth, and without the maturity of sight that comes with experience it’s easy enough to project all of humanity onto the relationships we’ve had so far. Ideally, we should move forward in a generally upward direction, improving ourselves and our relationships with time. Unfortunately, often enough, this isn’t what happens in experience – many of us tend to project our hopes, dreams, fears and demons onto others and get angry when other individuals don’t accept our ideas of fairness. Either way, we are teaching each other and learning from each other at all times, for better or for worse. It’s a two-way street, to be fair: the individual usually ahead in age is in the position to offer help, in exchange for the ability to teach. The individual in a position of learning and needing material help has the opportunity to learn, teach, and provide service. In turn, everybody helps each other in a teach-learn-serve triangle of relationship.

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Seeing Energy Everywhere – Shifting the Paradigm of Power

We’re accustomed to thinking about energy in a very limited scope. Since the time most of us have been born, fossil fuel energy or chemical energy in the form of wood, coal, natural gas, and petroleum have been the norm. Even where you find electricity moving through the walls, most of the time it’s created with fossil energy.  If it’s not made with fossil fuels, usually it’s hydroelectric – from dams – but most dams are unsustainable and make few if any contingencies for fish and other aquatic life, also they sacrifice habitat for animals and even important heritage sites. Either way, most of our devices, appliances and indeed thinking is wrapped around a singular source of energy. If it moves, it’s usually gas – if it plugs, runs, or plays and it’s not your car, usually it comes out of your wall and you pay a monthly bill for it.

To begin to change the energy paradigm on this planet, we need to begin to think about energy entirely differently.

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Living, Farming, and Blogging through Climate Change.

It’s ever-present and yet hard to pinpoint, but such is the nature of this massive complex of phenomena we refer to as weather and climate – it’s even more slippery now that it is changing rapidly around us in ways we can’t yet fully predict. The data is in and the scientific community has come to the preponderance of opinion that climate change is a real global phenomenon being perpetuated by human activiities. Here are some sources from NASA, NOAA and WikiPedia on the subject. We will not spend the time here to discuss the existence or causes of this reality, that is a point for another article – here I would like to write about what it’s like to live, work, and farm through this global phenomenon.

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