We Need Environmentally Friendly, Socially Responsible Accounting Software

Sustainable and environment-related causes have gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Some see this as a fad or a craze, as if it were some “health swing” that happens every decade. The real reason this is becoming more popular is that the environment (which we as a species still occupy) is in need of relief, shall we say, from the pressures humankind is putting on it. Nonetheless, our civilization, which has carried on in its mad drive for material profit at an accelerated growth since the Industrial “Revolution”, seems to be at odds with the very place we call home, and, ironically, represents the reserve of natural resources with which Industry must make business happen. Not all businesses or people think this way, and it’s not necessary to link making a buck with this rapacious speed with which we’re eating up reserves and polluting what’s left. There’s a lot of talk about the Triple Bottom Line which amounts to People, Planet, and Profit. I’d like to point out the need to switch thinking, even though it’s nice alliteration, to think of it more as People – Planet – Financial with Profit (actual) being the meeting of these three concepts. In my opinion, actual profit is not achieved until your business creates gains in all three.

If we are going to re-define profit altogether, we need new profit modeling software that allows businesses, individuals and organizations to track, record, and publish their efforts results in real time.

As environmental consultants and carbon accountants make their ways into board rooms, they will crave such an app as an essential tool to create displays, graphics, and new customer base from sharing their accomplishments. Right now this tool doesn’t seem to exist on the market as an end-user product, and it seems the field is wide open. Even in the conventional financial accounting software market, the options seem to be slim, if not dominated by one big company. By the time our open-source software is hopefully popular and in the hands of millions, Intuit will be begging its in-house developers to input green and social features for their accounting software. As the government comes out with more categories to claim exemptions for carbon-neutral and other environmentally friendly ways of doing business, the need will arise from the institution. Companies that already have the data on hand because they’ve already been tracking it, hopefully with our open source software, will lobby the government for the ability to claim what they’re doing (many of them, such as Google, are already doing so..).

So, are there any developers reading? We are training on php, linux and android development but not yet to the point of developing this or hiring. If you would like to be involved, please drop us a line on our contact form, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s a flowchart we made to demonstrate the concept.