Acclaimed Information Technology Services at an Unbeatable Price

I created this website in order to expand into Environmental Services, but he got his start with his acclaimed computer repair practice. After running a successful business with rave reviews for most of a decade, and doing tech and web work that got me noticed by the “top” of Silicon Valley’s investment community, I was struck by the emptiness of the industry; I turned right back around the way I came, decided not to run my business into another form of employment (for investors, not everyday people) and return to my small-town service industry. I hope, after you call me and I work out your troubles, you’re glad to “have me back”.

I was trained in computer repair in High School, Community College, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and the University of Hard Knocks. Basically, as a poor kid growing up in a rich area, I lucked out at having a good high school with lots of funding for occupational job-training programs, and I took advantage of that. I built my first computers at the age of 12, and I’ve been enamored with them since. I ended up helping out most of my classmates at their houses, solving their problems, reminding them of the lessons they missed in the repair classes we shared together.

But that’s me bragging about my skills. Don’t take my word for it. Trust the word of my customers…

“Brendan made 2 of my computers run faster and better than new. He was prompt at pickup & delivering them back, at the price he promised. I highly recommend him.”

“I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone looking to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the run around and high prices of computer shops in the area. Was able to start working to fix my computer the day it broke and had it back to me in a timely fashion. Will do business with him again for sure!”

“Brendan is da MAN… need ur ‘puter problems solved asap and I mean solved till their SOLVED??? Then call him. Great suggestions, excellent service with a smile, friendly, helpful, groovy. What more could a girl want from her Tech-Savant?? Nuthin I tell ya… For reals.”

“Brendan was incredibly helpful and honest! He fixed my laptop in about a day and took the time to show me what he did, why he did it and how to work it all. I highly recommend him :)”

“Contacted Brendan yesterday – he was here today. My kids are happy, I’m happy. I have no qualms in saying this guy knows what he’s doing and can help you. I’m sure we’ll be doing business again. Thanks!”

“Brendan restored my sick computer and took the time to teach me the new system. We will refer you to all our family and friends. Thank you for the job well done.”

“I cannot fully express how pleased I am to find Brendan… I had a whole list of problems and questions with which I needed help… he took care of everything, plus a lot more… he has my highest recommendation…”

“Great experience! He was thorough and quick! 2.5 hours to repair my totally jacked computer and cleaned up all the extra junk! He was willing to explain to me everything he was doing(even though I was mostly clueless the entire time) and didn’t act like a boasting know-it-all. Very down to earth and nice. And lets not forget how INEXPENSIVE he is! $30/hr and he came to my house! Cant beat that! Will definitely use him again for all of my computer/techy issues!

Brendan is honest, and persistent in the attacking of computer issues. He goes the extra mile to make sure your computer stays running, and is not afraid to perform exorcisms on a machine that defies the laws of electronics and nature! Geeks Cheaper is better priced than contemporary repair shops, and always embodies the “Fix Before Replace” attitude. Thank You to Brendan For being The Better Choice in computer repair!!!

If your computer is possessed and are in need of a knowledgeable computer tech then you should definitely call Brendan. Not only does he know is work, he is reasonable in his pricing. Please give him a try – I know you will be delighted with his service.

Brendan knows his stuff!!! My laptop was monumentally infected – 90 minutes later it runs as new. I will certainly recommend him to my friends – and use him again when the need arises.

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Please pick up the phone and call (360)809-0072 to schedule an appointment, and get your tech troubles resolved! I AM NOT A STORE. I WILL RENDEZVOUS OR COME TO YOU. Most visits are less than 2 hours, at $40 per hour – so that means we can deal with your laundry list of tech troubles for less than $80. Compare this to other local or corporate IT services that might not even be so comprehensive!