Can We Wake Up From this Crazy Dream, or is It Too Late? The Coincidence of 400ppm and Dakota Pipeline Arrests.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s kind of a big thing happening in the Dakotas right now. Also, we’ve hit a critical tipping point in our planet’s chemistry that may or may not be reversible.

These are two major pieces of news that should be totally alarming to anyone paying attention. Good thing people already paying attention are already alarmed. We’re not trying to be alarmist, but if you’re not alarmed, be. We should honestly start a puppet show, rap video, or comedy skit about it to be taken seriously though, because alarmists are known to be a “bummer”. Oh well, there’s still this bit to attend to.

For years, there has been a magic number, a threshold of carbon particles in the air hovering around 400 parts per million… something about this “sets the level” for the climate, whereby past this point it may be extremely difficult, if not (some say) impossible, to reverse the trend and get back to 350 parts-per-million or below. Here is one post from the day that has seemed pretty doom and gloom to already-eco-minded types.

So what does this mean, for the planet, for the human race, for the individual?

It means more of the usual becomes more normal, until we get active in deploying solutions to not just cut back our rampant use of resources, our emissions from our unfocused materialistic lives, but actively start reforesting, restoring habitats, and deploying other technologies that intentionally reverse the damage we’ve caused. There very well may be soon whole teams assigned with the task of cataloguing and restoring whole ecosystems as food webs, climates, and yes even our own food supplies start to collapse. Just the effect that ocean acidification has on shelled marine micro-organisms should be alarming. Unfortunately, with EarthStar, our five-year-plan comes hand in hand with the gripping realization that people may only get active as the world begins to explode outside their doors – and even then, it may be no guarantee that people won’t still become more isolated, withdrawn, desensitized and jaded to the world already seen to be combusting at the seams. Let’s just get active, individually and collectively, instead.

But what does “the new normal” have in store? Unfortunately, the serious answers are yet to come, and as usual packaged with more mystery. Expect the unexpected. As if it wasn’t bad enough, with flames licking beach resorts in Orange County and typhoons consuming whole swaths of coastline every hurricane season. Like a frog slowly boiling, we’ve sat idle, told to sit quiet and not be too socially intrusive with our iconoclastic views that our civilization is apparently toxic to the planet. Those of us already aware of the issues may have been content to sit back and hope that the politicians (clearly involved with creating the problem) do something. We’ve been operating under the delusion that they’re listening, that they care, and/or that they’re not actually banking on the destruction that is sure to unfold. Come on, you just don’t want to hear it – global conflict, resource depravity, total chaos, desperate people – win win for politicians across the board.  Just say you care about climate change and emotionally desperate ecophiles will cling to your every word.

There is an obvious cognitive dissonance going on here, the mouth is doing something and the hands are doing something totally different. Paying attention to the political and economic scene, at least as far as environmental concerns go, is kind of like watching a stage magician, trying to predict the cause of the trick. The goal is to call him out but you end up distracted – again – the victim of your own humanity, which they are trained to take advantage of.

Imagine going to your doctor and finding out you had a chronic and even deadly condition – then laughing at them and telling them they’re being an alarmist. Now this sounds ridiculous, but it’s basically what we’re doing to people who study planetary climate. As a global society, we’re not listening to our health practitioners. Atmospheric scientists, paleo-climatologists, and other such researchers are the closest things we have to planetary medics at this point – the only people paying attention to those cycles and waves, undulations of information on a planetary level. To obviously not listen to them and take obvious steps against those who are blowing the whistle on planetary scale destruction is breeding a toxic brew for our ecology, society and economy alike.

A culture who has a healthy feedback system for such a level of systemic toxicity would not actively encourage corporations to build pipelines or frack the ground, while entire nations of the first people are standing there in solidarity and prayer for the future of our whole Earth. They wouldn’t turn a blind eye while mercenaries attack with impunity, or forget to mention any of this in a major election year when our future seems so dire. Sure, they’ve touched a bit on climate change and social issues, but something like #noDAPL (The Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance of thousands of natives as of October 1st, 2016 camped at Standing Rock) is too huge, brutal and ugly for either of the perfectly-appointed robber barons (and everyone knows it) desperately running for office to touch with a proverbial ten foot pole, even though it’s directly a federal issue related to foreign, Native American, and environmental relations.

Well, we know now that people are listening to the planetary call for healing. The reason this isn’t going away is that the nature of reality is that it speaks for itself, and ultimately you can’t deny it, as much as you design your culture to defy it in an attempt to get people to turn away. We will resist any future efforts to drill or frack the Earth for any of its fuels you covet – and we will replace their necessity with renewable, clean energy. For starters. Because everything has been so structured to resist this resistance, we will end up having to dismantle your entire social structure – and create a beautiful world of social justice, reason, freedom, and triumph of the human spirit of imagination. Ultimately, we hope that the future generations will say of the previous – thanks for the challenge.