Sustainability as a business strategy wins on all levels.


Traditionally, sustainability and business would seem to be odd bedfellows. This assumption may stop being true  by the end of this decade. In fact it may soon be that the only companies and organizations that can persist, let alone profit, are ones that adopt a sustainable model. Many companies, universities, governments and investment firms are switching to a model that is positive and sustainable – saving money and making profits too. Ivy league universities like Stanford and Yale have been pressured by internal student movements to divest from fossil fuels and opt for renewables instead. Hedge funds around the world are dropping Monsanto, and governments are voting their influence out of their countries. Over the last decade, the largest growth in new jobs was in the nonprofit sector. In 2015, solar and wind energy installations created more jobs than coal and gas combined. The war over solar is the subject of headlines in Forbes and Bloomberg, and some of the biggest names in business are the ones involved in this switch to Renewable Power and transportation. History is being written right now in the green sector, not in fossil fuels and chemical agribusiness.

There is evidence that companies that use socially progressive or environmental business models are increasing in market share and customer loyalty. Positive brand recognition in the present and future will go to companies that demonstrably care.

Here are some ways that adopting more sustainable strategies in your homes and organizations can affect your bottom line. You will also boost loyalty and morale, improve your immediate environment, and help the planet.


The modern home uses kilowatts of energy to heat, light, and run appliances. Businesses, schools and other institutions tend to use even more. This is money that is being wasted, just being given to inefficient old-model power corporations that have no interest in stopping their cash flow by changing their systems.

Eco-innovative building designs, passive solar window boxes, solar panels, solar water-heating, greenhouse features, wind energy and many other little fixes help save money and even turn Renewable Power you are making into a check in the mail from the same power company that would be sending you a bill. Many would be hard-pressed to explain how that is not part of a sound financial plan.


Raising your own food has obvious benefits to the health of your body, family, planet and pocketbook. Food you can grow at home is food you don’t have to buy, that doesn’t get grown whole countries away and shipped here at great expense to all. If you complain about the price of lettuce at your local Safeway, think about the real price before subsidies paid by your taxes help it get there at the price you see on the sticker.

There are hundreds of ways to effectively raise crops in your area, which can include back lots, back lawns and fences, balconies, walls, basements and many others you might have never thought could support a substantial garden. Greenhouse technology and aquaponics can help you raise more local produce in one area than you ever dreamed possible. Permaculture practices and upcycling allow us to create food from waste materials, saving money without having to lay any out.

When you and your family are healthy from eating your own produce, everything can improve – test scores, productivity, attitude – not to mention the wholesome exercise and therapeutic bonding quality of gardening together. By the way, kids love it.


Repair wherever possible and dispose of electronics properly to ensure the e-cycle is complete!

Repair whenever possible and dispose of electronics properly to ensure the e-cycle is complete!

It used to be an axiom that a penny saved is a penny earned, but that has been replaced, at least in IT, with buy a new one – because a better one is out in a month anyway. Part of this is perceived or even forced obsolescence, and it makes sense because it’s been true, thanks to be endlessly dividing powers of silicon that makes new tech better than it was 18 months before.

But, that will cease to be true soon as we are reaching the limits of silicon – true enough, down to the individual atom operating as a switch. We can’t make it smaller and make it still work. Other methods of computing like molecular computers or quantum computers are not available in consumer devices yet and probably won’t be soon.

What I’m saying here is that, in an economical and technological sense, it now benefits everyone to keep their existing computers running. Green tech operations, ecycling, third party or open source hardware manufacturing, and other tools can help you save money and save your computers from landfill.


Saving, storing, and Gathering water makes economic sense too. Using rooftops and gutters to gather rain and moisture for gardening or washing can cut much of your water use, perhaps enable you to expand your food gardening.

We could also harness energy from water coming from rooftops and storm drains, with the force of gravity providing an endless boost to power appliances and turn back meters when the sun isn’t shining because it’s stormy out. Hydroelectric power supplies much of the world, why not micro-sized it and distribute the power to the masses?

On-site wastewater treatment such as the five kingdoms system can create drinking water from contaminated water right where you are. Rain Gardens keep water and habitat open for critters like frogs and herons even in urban environments, also cooling and moisturizing your plants and the air around you when it’s hot. This saves on irrigation and air conditioning.

Above ground or underground rain tank cisterns can be built to supplement or even replace water from a well that could be drawing precious groundwater in areas affected by drought or well permit freezes. It can often be cheaper than sinking a well, and better for the environment. Again, keeping a large amount of water at the surface can help the moisture tension, saturation and even climate of your surroundings.

All Told

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other aspects of material life that can be made sustainable with benefit to all, including but not limited to your budget. Much of it takes little to  no money up front to implement, it just involves creative thinking about how to more effectively use the resources in your environment. Read more or let us help you go green today and start saving.
earthstar enterprises, environmental technology services  earthstar enterprises, environmental technology services

Testimonials for Our IT Services


The retired logo from Geeks Cheaper.

I have finally decided to move my acclaimed IT business, Geeks Cheaper, into EarthStar Enterprises, the practical off-shoot of EarthStar Foundation, and bring it under the focus of Sustainability where it should be. This official shift has been long in deliberation, even though the whole focus of my IT consultation and repair for years was already around ecological, social and economic justice. I waited to do so because I was afraid of sacrificing parts of my limited business income from people who didn’t care about sustainability or perhaps were even put off by it – and the natural need to protect security for myself and my family kept me from making the shift outright.

Now I realize that all that energy and time should go into EarthStar for a few reasons, most importantly this – a totally sustainable model is the only model I can personally support or be involved in now. Also as it turns out, sustainable brands are one of the only sectors that shows growth in the current market. Thankfully, this is a win-win for me, the Earth, and my family, and my loyal customers. Welcome to EarthStar Enterprises, your go-to service center for all kinds of practical sustainable applications – including IT repair! Contact me  for service anywhere in the world, but first check out some of the reviews I’ve gathered over the last 5-10 years:

“Brendan made 2 of my computers run faster and better than new. He was prompt at pickup & delivering them back, at the price he promised. I highly recommend him.”

“I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone looking to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the run around and high prices of computer shops in the area. Was able to start working to fix my computer the day it broke and had it back to me in a timely fashion. Will do business with him again for sure!”

“Brendan is da MAN… need ur ‘puter problems solved asap and I mean solved till their SOLVED??? Then call him. Great suggestions, excellent service with a smile, friendly, helpful, groovy. What more could a girl want from her Tech-Savant?? Nuthin I tell ya… For reals.”

“Brendan was incredibly helpful and honest! He fixed my laptop in about a day and took the time to show me what he did, why he did it and how to work it all. I highly recommend him :)”

“Contacted Brendan yesterday – he was here today. My kids are happy, I’m happy. I have no qualms in saying this guy knows what he’s doing and can help you. I’m sure we’ll be doing business again. Thanks!”

“Brendan restored my sick computer and took the time to teach me the new system. We will refer you to all our family and friends. Thank you for the job well done.”

“I cannot fully express how pleased I am to find Brendan… I had a whole list of problems and questions with which I needed help… he took care of everything, plus a lot more… he has my highest recommendation…”

“Great experience! He was thorough and quick! 2.5 hours to repair my totally jacked computer and cleaned up all the extra junk! He was willing to explain to me everything he was doing(even though I was mostly clueless the entire time) and didn’t act like a boasting know-it-all. Very down to earth and nice. And lets not forget how INEXPENSIVE he is! $30/hr and he came to my house! Cant beat that! Will definitely use him again for all of my computer/techy issues!

Brendan is honest, and persistent in the attacking of computer issues. He goes the extra mile to make sure your computer stays running, and is not afraid to perform exorcisms on a machine that defies the laws of electronics and nature! Geeks Cheaper is better priced than contemporary repair shops, and always embodies the “Fix Before Replace” attitude. Thank You to Brendan For being The Better Choice in computer repair!!!

If your computer is possessed and are in need of a knowledgeable computer tech then you should definitely call Brendan. Not only does he know is work, he is reasonable in his pricing. Please give him a try – I know you will be delighted with his service.

Brendan knows his stuff!!! My laptop was monumentally infected – 90 minutes later it runs as new. I will certainly recommend him to my friends – and use him again when the need arises.

High-Tech Tutoring and Mentoring, with a Sustainable Spin.


Teaching Services

Information technology and sustainability seem like they are in opposite camps, even perhaps at war with each other. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and one is related to the other. People involved in natural research, organic farming, movement building, all of it, are deeply immersed in IT as a valuable tool that’s critical to momentum and power in this world. Many naturalists and sustainability educators, people engaged in the green lifestyle, feel like advanced technology is hurting the planet and its people and it is even unnecessary – they are right too, ultimately, the planet and its people will go on just fine without it. But the point we need to consider, in my opinion, is that it exists, now, and the problems it creates must be dealt with handily because it’s not going away – once people, as any animal, get a taste of something they like, you cannot willingly force them to go back. This is why we need to use them (internet and devices) less for consumption and more for the creativity their creators envisioned them for – not as they’ve largely become, complicated on-demand newspapers and TV sets. At any rate, most people want to use their tech to do great things for the planet, but end up abusing the power and procrastinating. We are here to help you use that which you have purchased, in a sustainable way, and do the creative world-enhancing things you may have set out to do.

Computers are complicated and can be very intimidating. It depends on your background, and your generation, but not everybody starts out knowing about IT and that’s OK. Most people know a handful of things about them – but outside of that slim comfort zone, confidence drops and the fear sets in. Generally we fear what we don’t understand – so thankfully when our understanding increases, the fear diminishes, enabling us to explore and learn. The journey to knowledge (as with any journey) starts with the first step – the willingness to push aside fear of the unknown and learn something new.

Most people just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a helping hand to guide them along those first shaky steps in the path. We guarantee that after a couple hours training with one of us on a given subject, you’ll be Facebooking, emailing, photo-editing, playing, burning, writing, scheduling and (insert-any-computer-related-activity-here)-ing with newfound confidence.  We can point you toward all sorts of creative facets as well – blogging, business management, social entrepreneurship, environmental meme creation, even generating fractals and logging research. You will be at the helm so you will retain the knowledge personally and be able to repeat it. It’s also a psychological boost to be able to count on reliable, caring and knowledgeable individuals on call to support you if you do happen to “mess it up”.

No human being will ever be Obsolete!

We do not believe that anyone is “tech inept”. We know that you are fully capable of making the digital world work for you.

In 2011, learning to use the internet effectively is analogous to learning how to read in 1911 – and there is just as much stigma attached to the person that doesn’t know. It’s definitely not easy learning something new, and the first and hardest step is admitting that you don’t know something. The most important thing isn’t your existing knowledge, but your capacity for learning, which is usually higher than you know. Don’t be thwarted by this strange new contraption on your desktop or in your pocket! Don’t let fear get the best of you, use the new tools at our disposal to shout your message from the highest rooftop.

An Individual Approach to Learning.

Everybody is unique in their knowledge level, goals for learning, speed and even preferred method of learning. We can adapt readily to any learning style. A tech will work through the steps with you in person, taking the time to make sure that you understand them. As far as we’re concerned, the job isn’t done until we see you do it with your own two hands!

If You Teach a Person to Google…

Technology is one field in which things are constantly changing, and thus has been its impact on our lives. We will leave you with the skills to divine your own answers from the internet to keep you on your toes as technology evolves.

Pick us as your go-to center for learning the ins and outs of your technology!

Explore All Your Options for Connection – Internet Services and Beyond


Internet connectivity and nature don’t often go together. That is to say, usually where you find nature you do not find Internet – and vice versa. This is rapidly changing, though, and we are pleased to announce our help in connecting you with a variety of networking services to keep you connected while you are gardening, walking, building your cob house or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. Do you like having your raw gluten-free vegan hemp seed and fig cake, and eating it too?  Ever wanted to synchronize or share files such as pictures and video, printers, bookmarks and settings across all the computers in your home or office? Do you dream of being connected to fast internet when you’re in the car, at the office, on your deck or podcasting your bike commute to work? We can connect you to Cable, DSL, Cellular and Satellite services that will keep you up to speed wherever or however you are. We will help you sync your memories and make sure that every facet of your digital life is as connected as you wish – and for less than those companies usually charge to send out a tech. We don’t install the invasive, bulky and redundant software that the service companies provide which reduce your computer’s processing speed, and we make sure your network and your computers are secure and clean. We can help you take advantage of the file, media and printer sharing features that your network has to offer. With our services, you can be guaranteed that every part of your system is set up securely and correctly, and that you’re making the fullest use of the network you pay for. As usual, every thought is given to ecological sustainability, from start to finish.

Contact us to consult with an expert for reliable network and internet services and support today!

Changing the Nature of Life by Changing the Ways we Use Money.


The current economic system is completely unhealthy for human beings and the rest of life on Earth – spiritually, physically, and practically. Humans are not living up to their fullest humanity, and the environment is being destroyed, and we know it. But what is the problem with the existing system – we can’t ditch it “just like that” and we can’t fight it – we have to figure out what’s wrong, why it’s wrong, and what to do about it to make things better for all humans living on this planet. To do that, we must use our minds to hack culture, to get to the bottom of why we have designed this system over the years to secure our future resources and have come full-circle to a world that is utterly insecure with dwindling resources. How did we go wrong, what are the logical fallacies in the original argument of the social contract we supposedly entered into at birth and how do we reverse them by design?

My Auntie told me years ago that I needed to begin thinking about money as a form of frozen energy. Whatever else we tell ourselves about the systems involved in its creations and transactions and history, it amounts to an investment of energy, whether natural, human, mechanical or chemical, or time and space themselves, into an agreed upon form that can be counted, traded and transacted with others. This was at a time when I was just beginning to come to grips with my mortality as a human, as the need for involvement in the world around me, and I with it, became more necessary, around the age many go through this transition, emancipation at the age of eighteen or nineteen.

For many people that age, at present, money is a demon we avoid or question for obvious reasons. At the time my primary thought about money was that it was the bastion of old white men, and the weapon of the system that as far as I could see was enslaving my parents, friends, government, the Earth and all her natural resources with debt and endless repayment of that imaginary debt with work. As far as I can still see, this system as it stands, even if it is based in energy, is still biased in the favor of those who designed it, the money counters, the bankers and merchants that have the most to gain and lose from their part in the design. As I have come to realize, however, we can change the nature of this mostly virtual system organically, by virally implanting within it the ideas that will change how that energy-money is used, how it is delivered to and among the people and for what purposes.

Instead of a financial system that works on consolidating money-energy-power into the hands of the very few who hold most of the capital and influence over how things are run (where resources are allocated and for what purposes), we could develop a system that distributes the power to make healthy decisions with our currency to the rapidly-self-informing population. We could begin to influence people culturally, in discussions, social media and businesses that do care, on the ground level and from the grass roots, of the practical need to adopt spending, living and thinking patterns that encourage greater health for the individual and the planet – which beget even more wholesome decisions. This would put pressure on the policy makers to meet this emergent demand and provide products and services that genuinely meet consumers’ expectations of more conscious corporations and governments. In many ways, this is already occurring. A good example of this happening is CEO’s, religious leaders and government officials emerging in harmony with the consensus about climate change, humanity’s involvement with the creation of the problem and our responsibility to help fix it by changing our ways. If this is done, and if the common people are allowed into the circle of knowledge of how these systems actually work, this unnatural consolidation of power that we have witnessed for so long will naturally dissolve to the cloud.

On that note, on cloud thinking and internet connectedness mindset, it has revealed itself to me gradually that these systems are only so opaque or as transparent as we make them to be; they are either a stone monolith facade, unchanging and sterile, or they can be a dynamic shifting tapestry of color to reflect all the variety of human life and imagination. With the internet, technologies have emerged to crowdfund the goals and dreams of every human that can dream big and organize people around it, literally in their own creators’ words “remove the gatekeeper from capital”. We are hopefully opening up to an economic future more like that of gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek, where the focus of the economy has less to do with amassing imaginary numbers and more to do with facilitating the lives, goals and highest dreams of human achievement. We need an economy more like that which had been imagined by Jacques Fresco, movement and allocation of goods and services based in the availability and sustainability of resources themselves, and not numbers that are virtual representations of those resources. By the course of evolution, provided the old power structures don’t try to manipulate the stream of information on the new cultural battlefield of the internet through censorship and social media opinion manipulation, and of course television and mainstream news, humans will teach themselves to replace our replicate the seemingly complicated systems we feel controlled and dominated by, and take the power back across the board. More like, they will re-inherit their heritage and step into ownership of the power that was always there anyway.

By changing the focus of the drive of society away from the participation in an artificial system to participation in human and biological life itself, we can change the nature of life itself. The first question that comes to many peoples’ minds, however, has to do with productivity – what will people do to “earn a living” when there is no economic drive to accumulate greater wealth as a reward for work? Let’s look at that phrase for a second, “earn a living”… we more than often take this one for granted, however it basically says it all in a nutshell – we earn dollars and cents in a virtual environment as a way of “paying for our place” (literally and figuratively) on this planet. The question should be more like “how will you live” – well, as far as that goes, easily. As it turns out, as Bucky Fuller elucidated if you took all the farming equipment and production resources, the things that make our lives actually work, and dumped them into the ocean, people would be starving across the globe in weeks. At the same time, if you took all the politicians, financiers and other existing policymakers and shot them to the moon, things would not only survive, they’d probably rapidly improve. Unbeknown to many, the human brain has mirror neurons whose sole purpose is to reflect the conditions of others – and bring us to act to help them. There is a whole nerve complex called the vagus nerve whose service seems to be a sympathetic reaction to others, modifying the heart and mind’s actual state accordingly. Studies have shown that the stress caused by lack of ability to fully feel that sympathy – such as that reinforced by a financially-obsessed culture to dismiss the homeless and forgotten of our world – can cause this nerve to stop functioning altogether, causing serious problems for the heart, mind and body. What are we supposed to learn from these discoveries in actual biology and neuroscience, except that the current economic and political paradigm and mode of thinking is straight wrong and that humans are actually, by nature, altruistic beings that will arrange themselves to service of others in a pinch.

When Hurricane Sandy came through the Eastern seaboard, destroying towns and lives, and leaving many New Yorkers without food, power, or basic needs, and when FEMA was more intent on marching soldiers through Manhattan as a way of showing “order is still here”, a phenomenon utterly impressed those who were paying attention.  An impromptu grassroots movement called Occupy Sandy Relief, having nothing to do with the original Occupy movement except in name and premise (taking up the space where there is a need), filled the needs of millions of New York and New Jersey citizens where the government and Red Cross utterly failed. Guess who got most of the credit for “saving” New York?

Examples like these are why we should keep faith alive that despite all the brutal history of Humanity in recent centuries and decades, there is still this undercurrent of human beings who still genuinely feel a need to do the right thing. Biologically, they are not feral beasts which need to be herded and corralled for their own good. They are independently-thinking beings that are capable of great good when given the opportunity, and those rotten parts of “human nature” are the result part-in-parcel of a reaction to the existing system where individual humans feel powerless, left-behind, and so righteously question the authority of such an openly sociopathic society.

So, to answer the basic question of how, then, humans will “make a living” after we remove the pressure of amassing money in order to just survive, is that humans will just simply “live”. We have no context for this with few exceptions, such as the country of Bhutan where they measure gross domestic happiness instead of GDP, or among the more enlightened Native American confederations. It seems utterly alien to consider a world where getting more than your neighbor, whether it be diamonds, cash, cars or space, would be replaced by sharing with your neighbor if and when they are in need. Of course people will continue to have needs for basic goods and services, but provided they will be OK (they have shelter, food, love, entertainment, warmth, energy, and a decent quality of life) then the joy and drive to fill those needs for each other, according to the highest dreams of the individual as far as why they feel like they have come to this Planet, should be enough to keep them working for other humans. And then, honestly, we will also have robots. If we develop a resource-based economy that respects the sustainability of those resources, whether human or natural, we could still have humans doing what they will or what they can and being the most them that they can be, and drudgery tasks honestly should be given to machines that will repeat them faithfully, as machines are wont to do. That doesn’t mean that they will “replace” humans or “take their jobs”, or make it so that humans are utterly helpless and unable to do things. Quite the contrary, humans would be freed to do those things they really desperately want to do but were too busy spending all their actual most valuable resource, time, in trade for artificial dollars. There are still plenty of things for humans to do, like inventing new ways to reach the stars, or going about restoring the ecosystem we have destroyed, or making vivid artworks, murals, gardens and living spaces that feed our souls and drive our enlightenment upward. What I am basically proposing here is not to let machines replace humans, but to make them replace robotic tasks which humans have been doing where they honestly have no place. Humans were never meant to slave away in factories, that is an unnatural state of affairs that we have been told is true and natural by an educational system that was written by those same policy makers, government manipulators and bank owners, or more like the descendants of their descendants, at the foundation of the Industrial “revolution”. In fact, the word “robot” was not made to describe machines, but as an artful way to describe humans which were being treated like machines in the modern Assembly Line culture.

If we can get to the root of the systems that make our economy run, we can discover how we as individual humans can change our spending and investing patterns, making a new economy based on human and natural resources and freeing people to live the lives they arrived here to live. It will take some time to make this shift, for many indeed to recognize the need for one; as it is difficult to ask the fish to identify the water in which it swims. It is not only possible, however, but highly probable, necessary, and possibly even inevitable that this change will happen.

Living, Farming, and Blogging through Climate Change.


It is an odd thing, this massive phenomenon we refer to as weather and climate – even odder when it is changing rapidly around us in ways we can’t yet fully predict. The data is in and the scientific community has come to the preponderance of opinion that climate change is a real global phenomenon being perpetuated by human activiities. Here are some sources from NASA, NOAA and WikiPedia on the subject. We will not spend the time here to discuss the existence or causes of this reality, that is a point for another article – here I would like to write about what it’s like to live, work, and farm through this global phenomenon.

Those of us who know about climate change have been paying attention for some time; I remember doing my first research project on the subject and giving a presentation to my flabbergasted sophomore class in high school about this thing that couldn’t be directly perceived yet but nonetheless haunted our future. The response even now, as effects can be observed in the natural world and even the sky around us (even the mountains 3 miles away are obscured now by a thick haze of wildfire smoke… a first in 53 years for this area), is mixed, ranging from emotional denialism to nonchalance to acceptance colored by worry. The snow pack on the mountains here and in California has disappeared early, and emergency drought has been declared. It’s common right now for people to complain about respiratory, sinus and eye distress, and people are getting ear aches. It’s my feeling that these are just some of the first effects of health to be observed this summer related to climate, aside from the extreme heat and drought itself. I have found myself in demand with my kit of essential oils, providing natural essences that clear the anaerobic bacteria from their orifices and improve their overall health.

The big question right now has to do with life – all its kingdoms – and whether or not it can adapt readily to the rapidly changing climate. Are the timings of mating, feeding, pollinating and seeding and so on self-timed (i.e., by the heat or dryness itself), and not by some independent sidereal marker? Will life survive? Or will the climate snap so fast and wildly that birds, butterflies, frogs, and yes humans can’t adapt? These are the questions that we are asking, and will be testing one way or another, in this massive ecological experiment-gone-wrong that a whole society seems to be marching into like zombies.

Moments of mass assembly like the People's Climate March in 2014 demonstrate the need to take climate into consideration in all we do.

Moments of mass assembly like the People’s Climate March in 2014 demonstrate the need to take climate into consideration in all we do.

A critical factor in identifying the causes of all this, let alone correcting them, will be to get other humans to accept their own part in things. In other words, in the middle of this heat, how do you convince someone not to turn on the air conditioner, or drive to the lake to cool off? How do you make the case that they should suffer discomfort for the sake of averting an almost-invisible crisis? Even if you manage to convince them that they have a part to play in it, how do you convince them to voluntarily suffer and limit their activities when so many obviously aren’t? How do you make it clear that their activities to improve might have an impact large enough to change things? Ironically, convincing people that doing anything will make a difference may be more difficult than getting people to admit there has been climate change – something many deny even now even when the evidence is searing them in the face! Things have become more complicated recently with people linking climate change to chemtrails and geomodification, subjects which though may be based on accurate observation, only cast confusion on a matter which should be clear enough already to take mass action.

So acceptance of the fact that climate change is occurring, and adoption of solutions to combat it, may rest on finding real solutions that do not leave most people with less – doesn’t require them to “go without” more than they are comfortable. It involves getting them to accept the existence of a problem, recognizing their part in creating and solving it, and connecting them with the awesome and world-changing technologies being created by geniuses all over the world that they can adopt. We need to get groups of people as large as armies planting trees, picking up trash, installing solar panels, creating lot and backyard gardens like their life literally depends on it. Here we are at the crossroads of all that…

Welcome to the climate, changed.

Using essential oils to help heal common ailments and afflictions.


We are all of us caught in the midst of an unhealthy system we are lucky to spot for what it is, even luckier to do anything about. Sometimes our involvement in that system can have effects on our health, and many people are stuck in the bad food – bad medicine cycle of corporate greed. Essential oils and other natural medicines that do not separate chemicals from the whole essence of the plant are one effective way to do this. Here is one article that provides stepwise assistance for relieving and eventually eliminating bladder infection. If you are interested, also check out to order materials and help us out.

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